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I've moved the headings around. Now, I'm putting new stuff at the top.


Camping and Sailing with Rob, Dennis and Cathy CUBA2012 Reno... gonna have to have a "help me get it done party" soon... :)
Zootime With Friends Winter in the New Park Calaway Park With Friends
Jen and Wayne in Banff Summer 2008 (lovin' Banff!) So... Ya wanna fight? Jen and Me Camping Alone (first time ever)

Halloween @ Little&Liscomb's Van Halen with Tony Banff Remebrance Day 2007
Lobster & Crab Bash   Calgary Stampede Barns
Truck: before some dick(s) took it Truck: found but stinks bad Stuff
Gone to Banff Last pics of Mom and Dads Fall BBQ 2006
Our Funky 70's Trailer At the Calgary Tower | The Tower Some Avi's (includes camping and 4x4)
Stampede Parade 2006 Stampede Picnic 2006 Stampede Grounds 2006
Stampede Partyin' 2006 Winter's Birthday Camping at Burnt Timber
Darin's Birthday vs. Chris' 10th Birthday Before and After the play...

Well, I'm on a third camera now!! Jens Birthday 2005 Carlee's Bday! | Bowling
How did Jen get the new hair? Calloway 2005 Hey, my computer died...
Jill and Tyler's Wedding | Medicine Hat Winter in the park Some tatoos I found (so far)
Pre-Parade 2005 A Night at Bruno's Stampede Parade Day 2005
Pigeon Lake 2005 (Ma-Me-O Beach) Sylvan Lake 2005 | Town of Sylvan Phylis Lake 2005
Holy Grail | Unladen Swallow Alice Cooper & Wayne's Bday Baby Shower
Some Avi's (includes boxing) New Year 2006 Alberta Bronze Gloves 2006

Zoo Time | Calgary Zoo Joey's Graduation | Jubilee Auditorium Amusement Park | Calaway Park
Jen's Going to Springsteen | Pengrowth Saddledome Camping 2003 | Fish Alberta Jen's Dad's House | CFD
Greyhound Dogwash | Get a Greyt Dog! TUG-O-WAR | Corporate Challenge Fundraiser | The Firewagon
Some Avi's (bowie's there) David Bowie Concert! Zoo Trip II | Calgary Zoo

Some Stuff A little about our cameras Go to the Glenbow Museum! | Glenbow Museum
MONSTER TRUCKS! Oldtimers Hockey! Jen's got a cool wig!
Calin and Family in Mexico Drunks in Banff 2004 Kitchen Reno (so far)
Lynn & Shari (40th!) Renewing Our Vows Calgary Stampede Parade 2004
Camping 2004 | About Bears and Cougars The Girls at Tania's Calgary Stampede 2004 | CE&S
Some Games (by request) BBQ Fall 2004 Air Museum with Justin | ASMAC
Gabe's Bday! Kids Halloween 2004 Chris' Aquasaur
Nut on a Bike | Sportswap Drunks In Banff 2005 | Banff MPG's of Chris Skating

Wayne's Families Reunion (Cartier) Jen and Wayne's Wedding Wayne and Dad at Sugar Lake
Wayne's Friends (old scans) Some scans of family Wayne's Family (old scans)

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