Just a bunch of avi's I've taken...

Please, right click on the links and choose "save target as" to your hard drive.  Depending on the connection speed, it could take quite some time to download some of the larger ones...

I've recoded these to make them a bit smaller using VirtualDub. It's awesome for recoding and cutting up avi's, mpg's etc.


Teepee in BC, Waterfalls in BC
Shooting off a rocket

Fireworks at the Calgary Stampede

1, 2, 3

Alberta Bronze Gloves 2006 in Edmonton

Jordan, Nolan, Stewart

Dennis Riding the Bull

Prep up, The Ride!!

Typical Lead-in to the Calgary Stampede.... Hail!

Hail in Calgary, Hail in Calgary, Hail in Calgary, Hail in Calgary

Calgary Stampede Parade 2006

One, Two, Three, Four, Five

2006 Stampede Rides

Big Spinny Thing, Gravatron 1, Gravatron 2, Niagara 1, Niagara 2, Super Himalaya 1, Super Himalaya 2

Camping 2006

Making supper with John and Joy, Hiking
Chris driving, watch for Jordan on quad
4x4ing, we're hurrying to get back before... the hail!
Walking around, Jordan in poncho, More walking around...

David Bowie Concert in Calgary

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Camping 2004

1 2

Cartier Family Reunion